lb-016 Steven R. Smith-
Slate Branches CD & LP

CD-$10.00, LP-$11.00.

Released October 2000. Joint release with 3 Acre Floor.

LP is a limited edition of 300.

Steven R. Smith has been making starkly beautiful music for years, both as a solo artist and as a member of Mirza, Thuja and The Knit Separates. On his fourth solo effort, Slate Branches, Smith lights up the pavements in his own rich tradition of instrumental psychic gesture that is both original and familiar, dissonant and musical. Slate Branches starts off with “Minen Flats” which features gentle bell percussion reminiscent of Harry Partch’s Cloud-Chamber Bowls, then moves to the This Heat-inflected “Cities”, with its rock drums and accordion. Throughout the rest of the record, Smith utilizes electric and acoustic guitars, bells, violin, keyboards, string percussion, toy piano, and a few other sonic weapons to sculpt a record that is at times uplifting, at times ominous, always engaging.

Track Listing:

1. Minen Flats
2. Cities
3. Ink Burned White
4. As with Praise Itself
5. Well-Founding
6. Casting Locusts
7. These Are All Remainders
8. Winnowing

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