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Sad CD


Released April 1998.

Here it is. The long-awaited follow-up to Chest.

Sad is the fourth Nels Cline Trio album, and perhaps the most diverse yet. The disc begins with a three-minute-long guitar drone, followed by a drum solo, then a quiet improv, and a blistering coda. And that's just the first track. "Fluff w/ Fork" and "Little Shaver" are the noisiest the Trio have ever been, while "Texas Telephone Pal" and "Thought Cloud" are perhaps the most abstract. Sad also features two of Nels' best and most fully realized compositions yet, "Arrows" and "Crest in Black".

Recorded 4/9 & 7/97 at New Zone Studio by Wayne Peet.

Nels Cline: guitar, voice
Bob Mair: bass, guitar
Michael Preussner: drums, organ
Noriko Peet: voice (track 3)

Track Listing:

1. Anthony
2. Fluff w/Fork
3. The Luxury of Silk
4. Little Shaver
5. Arrows
6. Texas Telephone Pal
7. Where Is Your Woman?
8. In Form
9. Thought Cloud
10. Crest In Black

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