lb-010 Prick Decay & Jeph Jerman-
The Mechanics of Belief LP


Released February 1997.

Edition of 500.

Overseas collaboration between Prick Decay, the Scottish freaks who run the Chocolate Monk label, and Jeph Jerman, the founding member of Blowhole & Hands To. Each artist recorded one side of the LP, then sent it to the other to manipulate, play over, and just generally fuck with. This is pretty insane shit and it's not for the meek. Since this recording, Dylan and Lisa's relationship has dissolved, as has Blowhole itself. A coincidence? You decide.

Track Listing:

Side UK:
1. Play Arm Above Picture
2. Who Needs an Elaborate Sleep
3. Head Club
4. Let Drunk Language Urge the Chant
5. Ache with Tongue Vision
6. Assault with a Brick and a Chair
7. Wind Rain Hair

Side US:
1. Stack o' Lee
2. Piss Take
3. Found on Concrete Bleeting
4. The Well Tempered Stare

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