lb-015 PALO/ONA-Star of the Sea LP


Released March 1999.

Edition of 500.

Star of the Sea is the debut release from palo/ona, a band from the fertile musical town of Dunedin, New Zealand. Comprised of Richard Baker, Emma Milburn, Mark Sharma and Tamatea Bull, palo/ona play intimate music that follows in the tradition of the Xpressway label. Though none of the members were in bands prominent enough to name-drop, Baker was co-founder of the fine Trinder label, which released records by Omit, Sandoz Lab Technicians, Fats Thompson, Crude, Nigel Bunn and others, and Milburn did sing on a few songs of the excellent Fats Thompson CD. Bruce Blucher (of Cyclops, Trash, etc.) plays trumpet on one song.

Star of the Sea is an engaging record which blends well-crafted songs, a la the Renderers, with some more experimental pieces along the lines of the Dead C or Roy Montgomery. The record is available in a vinyl-only edition of 500, with silk-screened covers featuring front cover art by band member Mark Sharma and back cover art by Emma Milburn (her art also graced the cover of Barbara Manning's recent In New Zealand EP).

Recorded in Aparima Hall, Riverton, New Zealand.

Richard Baker
Mark Sharma
Emma Milburn
Tamatea Bull

Track Listing:

Side One:
Urban Song
Mrs. Philpott
What You Want

Side Two:
What You Need

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