lb-005 Her Number Thirteen-
Of Has Twice Pieces 7"


Released May 1995.

Edition of 500.

Her Number Thirteen is/was a trio from Eugene, Oregon, comprised of Justin Millar, Jeff Berger, and Cord Amato. Recently, the individual members have gone their separate ways (to San Francisco, Denver, and Portland respectively), but the band has not necessarily broken up. Right before they Justin and Jeff left Oregon, they recorded a full-length record, which has yet to be released. Of Has Twice Pieces was their first 7" (though they did appear on an earlier split 7" on the Red Rover label), and they later released a 7" on the Woodson Lateral label out of Seattle.

Justin Millar: guitar, bass
Jeff Berger: guitar, bass
Cord Amato: drums

Track Listing:

Side One:
Tea F Be

Side Two:
The Figure Blast
Cell Sam

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