lb-009 John Fahey-The Mill Pond 2x7"

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Released April 1997.

Edition of 1000.

John Fahey has been around since the 1950s, making records (mostly) with just his acoustic guitar. He has influenced countless guitarists, from Jim O'Rourke to Thurston Moore to Nels Cline to Wham-O. His music has been called folk, blues, bluegrass, noise, even (gasp!) new age, so you're never quite sure what you're going to get with any of his releases. All of them, almost without exception, though, are excellent.

On this EP, Fahey uses heavy reverb, electric slide and feedback to create an eerie mood. He gets a bit of help from Jeff Allman, who recorded the songs and adds some electronic noise in spots, and from Scott Colburn, who mixed the tracks, but this record is all Fahey. The Mill Pond is all over the place stylistically, so it should confuse those who try to pigeonhole Fahey into any one category. The Mill Pond further proves that there is only one category into which he fits: truly innovative guitar genius.

Recorded by Scott Colburn and Jeff Allman.

John Fahey: guitar, vocals
Jeff Allman: electronics

Track Listing (one song per side):

You Can't Cool Off in the Mill Pond, You Can Only Die
The Mill Pond Drowns Hope

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