Mobile camera Vs professional digital camera: which is better?

By: On: 2016-09-28

In Australia one of the most common controversy today is, when people have high quality cameras in their cell phones, why they should be buying huge, bulky professional cameras and what is the need of having big sized cameras when mobiles can be kept in your pocket. Considering that people have different needs and not all needs can be fulfilled by a single thing that everyone has. Though some imaging work or photographic needs can easily be fulfilled by cell phone cameras, but it doesn't mean we no longer need professional cameras. There are a lot of reasons we may prefer to have advanced compact cameras like Canon EOS 5D Mark III model, Canon EOS 7D Mark II or Canon Powershot cameras as well as Nikon D7200 and other such cameras with us.

Some of the common reasons are:

Versatility and focused photography

Mobile phone cameras will not offer a customizable experience when you have to capture photographs in variable format. While professional cameras possess features that allow the user to take the shot as its needed. You may prefer to have a Canon EOS 750D or Nikon D3300 for having a professional shot instead of using a cell phone.

Durable and rugged structure

Cell phones are not rugged and can break easily with a slight slip, while professional cameras come in rugged structures with durable structure, that will allow you to capture shots on the go without any fear of getting damaged. You can look at the Canon EOS 760D or Nikon D5500 and compare its features with that of your cell phone camera and you will see the difference.

In other words, we can say that cell phones in your mobile are a good fit when you need occasional shots and not for professional use. While professional digital or DSLR cameras are perfect when you need perfect shots every moment and can't compromise on the quality of the images you are getting.


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